Full Function

The Full Function Wheelchair Tilting Device

The Full function is a wheelchair tilting device is a wheelchair recliner that allows dental patients and veterans to remain in their own wheelchair during medical treatments. This new wheelchair tilting device which is a electric ramp that removes the challenge of transfering patients that dental providers often face when caring for wheelchair-bound Veterans. It also provides better treatment for Veterans by putting them in a  relaxed position and allowing dentists to access the oral cavity for assessment, x-rays and treatment.

When designing special care dentistry provision for wheelchair veterans and bariatric patients the Full Function Wheelchair Platform needs serious consideration. We call the full function wheelchair platform the Gold Standard as it sets unprecedented levels of convenience in the dental clinic. The Full Function can be installed into any floor of the clinic, this means that the mechanism is concealed below floor level, leaving the maximum amount of space in the dental surgery.

The patient can then be raised, lowered and tilted in complete safety and in the comfort of their own wheelchairs. Therefore there is no need for lifts or hoists thus minimising the risk of injury from manual handling for staff and reducing stress and affording maximum dignity to the patient.

Video demonstration

Dimensions and Features

    • Suitable for motorised and manual wheelchairs
    • Designed to British Standard EN1570 1999
    • Rises 200mm above and falls 100mm below floor level
    • Tilts up to 45°
    • Tested up to 375 Kg
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Four programmable positions
    • Ergonomic design for comfort of patient and practitioner
    • Fully adjustable ‘Cradleform’ backrest
    • Mechanism hidden below floor level
    • Clear access to the patient at all times
    • Minimal set up
    • Upper supports can be completely removed
    • Full flexibility provides maximum use of space
    • A Bariatric Bench is available for this model for walking patients
    • Capable of handling motorised and manual wheelchairs
    • Full programming capability
    • Designed and manufactured to BS EN1 570: 1999
    • Safe working load 300kg load tested to 375kg
    • Push button handset to drive platform • Four programmable positions
    • Rise of 200mm and fall of lOOmm below floor level
    • Programmable tilt to a maximum of 45º
    • Programmable ‘Home’ position for load/unIoad
    • Fully adjustable wheelchair backrest support
    • Fully adjustable headrest support removable if required
    • Removable wheelchair support to leave a clear floor
    • Supply voltage 240v at 5 amps
    • Fully sealed hydraulic action
    • Upholstery selection to suit the environment
    • CE marked and EMC tested
    • Fully safeguarded to the Machinery Directive
    • Complies to Low Voltage Directive



Full Function Data Sheet

Download fullfunctionwheelchairplatform PDF

Our wheelchaiir lifts are dentistry innovations suitable for seniors dentistry, geriadontics and bariatric patients. We make dentistry more accessible for modern dentistry clinics. If you are looking for dentistry equipment or wheelchair lifts for special care dentistry we have the perfect dental solutions.